ALUFIT’s in-house design team has detailed some of the most complex and interesting projects in the country. Its trained staff of 20 plus architects and draughtsmen have developed over 20 unitized systems for different seismic zones and wind loads.
At ALUFIT we use the latest technology available be it Autocad, Inventor, Logica, Orgadata and EMI software to ensure that the system designed is correctly engineered and delivered at the right price.
ALUFIT’s state-of-the-art plant in Bangalore and Hosur ensure production of panels to millimeter accuracy not just in verticality but diagonally thereby ensuring the smooth flow of installation as well as execution of the project in time.
ALUFIT has specialized teams for each activity be it unitized glazing, composite panel cladding, Point Fixed glazing or Skylights. Its dedicated and motivated workforce ensure that a façade once installed is free of defects, is water & air proof while at the same time being noise resistant. Time tested projects can be seen across India in the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Trivandrum & Kochi in the South to Pune & Mumbai in the West, Bhubaneswar & Kolkata in the East and Delhi / Noida - NCR in the North.